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Sniff San Francisco is a locally owned, full-service dog care company that offers walking, training, and boarding. Our approach is refreshingly different and predicated on a simple precept of active engagement. We achieve this by right-sizing the dog-to-human ratio of 4-5 dogs per person and collaborating as a team. At the park, we have the human bandwidth and expertise to reinforce commands and promote play and socialization.

Our in-house Certified Dog Trainer (CTC) oversees all aspects of what we do. We go to great lengths to avoid transporting dogs in vehicles by walking dogs on foot, as a way to socialize them to the urban environment. We take a long-term view of each client relationship and remain committed to the health and sociability of your dog.

At Sniff, we:

    • walk dogs on foot, as opposed to transporting dogs in vehicles;
    • promote and supervise dogs in play, whether it is playful bouts of romping, chases, games of keep-away, or tug;
    • use scientifically proven, reward-based methods to promote positive behavior and incorporate command work into your dog's day;
    • prioritize safety by having a team of trained professionals supervising our playgroups; and
    • work with dogs to modify behavior in an effective, constructive manner, using R+ methods.

We framed Sniff around a core value of providing superior, responsible dog care. Every day, we strive to provide a clean, safe, and fun environment for beloved canines to develop into well-socialized members of your family. We empower dogs and their owners to grow and thrive. Our approach and thoughtfulness reflect a paradigm shift that transforms the very soul of dog care.


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We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary and have been ranked number one on Yelp for the past six years. We were also voted two years in a row as the Best Dog Walking Service in San Francisco by Thumbtack. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Beyond city-mandated training in first-aid and CPR, our certified dog trainer ensures our team receives continual in-house training. Check out our Yelp page to learn more about what our clients have to say.

Contact Info

        • Jim, Benny, Eleanor, Sabrina, Alex, Tom, Olive & Tilek
        • (202) 509-6897 or (917) 494-0111
        • San Francisco, CA 94114
        • hello@sniffsf.com

  • Jim

    • Benny

      • Eleanor

        • Sabrina

          • Alex

            • Tom

              • Olive

              • Tilek

Go Ahead, Sing Our Praises.

Jim and Benny are by far the best people I could ask for when it comes to taking care of my dog. They
truly go above and beyond whatever I might have reasonably expected. My dog has a lot of energy and
can require more than his fair share of attention, but it's never been a problem for Jim and Benny.

- Cecchi (Tui's Dad)

I challenge you to find another dog walker who will upload videos of their walks (although calling them walks
is doing it an injustice... they really tend to be more like full expeditions) or will give your dog as much
genuine attention as they get with Sniff. You can't.

It's a really nice surprise to come home and find your dog, who is normally bouncing off the walls, fast
asleep - exhausted from a long day of fun and dreaming about his next adventure with Benny and Jim.

Come On, Join The Chorus!

Jim, Benny and the entire team at Sniff are incredible. Our puppy Olive is now 9 months old and has been part of the Sniff pack
for five months. With their help, she has transformed from an anxious, scared-of-walking-anywhere pup, to a confident and fun-loving
frequenter of dog parks and the great outdoors.

- Steph (Olive's Mum)

Sniff goes above and beyond to make sure your dog is loved and well cared for. Unlike many other dog walkers we've encountered
in San Francisco, they fully engage and interact with their dogs at parks and carefully monitor their safety. They even send you fun
videos of your pup playing and detailed recaps of their adventures. I can't tell you how many times I've seen other walkers just
stand on their phones while their dogs cause mayhem or lay around bored. If your dog is with Sniff, they are guaranteed a great
time. Olive has made so many new doggie friends since joining the pack.

Sniff is also unique in that they work entirely on foot and walk your dog to the park and back home so they get an awesome amount
of exercise. This was especially important to us since Olive has a lot of energy and gets carsick. Sniff also offers boarding services
for members of the pack and we can think of no better place to leave Olive when we're out of town.

We couldn't have imagined a better situation for our pup and would highly recommend Sniff to anyone. The entire team is wonderful
and we're so glad Olive gets the extra love, fun and attention when we're at work.

Thank You. Now We're Blushing.

My husband and I are so grateful to this whole team. Jim, Benny and the rest of their crew (Ben, Dan & Eleanor) have worked with our dog Rocket,
and he LOVES them. We called them for our puppy training. We are first time dog owners and they were very knowledgeable. They gave us a bunch
of tips which really helped us in training our dog Rocket.

- Zerah (Rocket's Mum)

We've boarded Rocket with them, and he thinks he's on vacation every time. Our dog's stomach seems to be on the more sensitive side, but Jim &
Benny are always quick to respond to this situation whenever it happens. They also send you regular updates on how your dog is doing. We feel at
peace when he's boarded with them because we know our dog is getting the best care. We had to move out of Noe Valley because we're expecting;
but we definitely will still board our dog with them. We highly recommend Sniff!

They are very flexible, which really helps when you're running late from work, they'll be more than happy to give your dog a late afternoon walk. We
really enjoy the text we get after the dogs park visits. They're so fun to read, and just gives you a highlight of all the things you want to know about
your dog's day out. At first, we were a little worried that a 2hr walk won't be enough for our high energy puppy to last the entire day, but we were
wrong. He would be tired enough until the end of the day when we get home.

We're Lucky To Have You All In Our Lives!

We ran into Jim and Benny by chance one day at our regular dog park and had a nice chat. When our regular boarder
couldn't take our doggie one weekend, we found Sniff and we haven't looked back. They now walk our guy during the
week and always look after him when we go away.

Jim and Benny truly go above and beyond, and do so with a level of professionalism that I have never from other
seen dog walkers/boarders. They are always available to lend a hand when something comes up,
whether it's an extra walk, a sleepover when plans go awry, an extra night when flights are delayed,
etc. They are great communicators. We always know when they're with him and how things went,
and the videos are amazing. They also wash his paws after every walk -- who does that???

Our little guy has been experiencing a bit of anxiety recently and they have worked with him,
and with us, on trying to resolve it. We feel so lucky to have found Sniff!

- Anna (Blue's Mum)

Thanks For Your Kind Words!

We Adore Tobymeisterfunnerhaver!!

Jim and Benny are amazing at what they do, and our dogs are in great hands
with them. We initially hired them to help train our skittish rescue pooch (and
probably us) to be comfortable and calm around other dogs. They transformed
him almost instantly, and he's become one of the most social dogs around.

- Bryan (Toby's Dad)

With that accomplished we couldn't imagine him not getting to keep playing with his
Sniff friends; from their updates and posts we see how much fun our lab has
on his daily walks and park/hiking excursions.

Highly recommended on all fronts!

Group Hug, Anyone?

Jim, Benny, Dan, Ben, and the rest of the Sniff crew are AMAZING! They are so
incredibly responsive, reliable, trustworthy, and kind. As first time puppy owners,
my husband and I leaned on them so much when we first got our dog, Ozzy, and
still look to them for advice!

They were so great at getting Ozzy accustomed to the city (and all the noises
and smells that come with it), learning commands, and socializing. He now knows
how to be gentle with the smaller guys but can hold his own wrestling with all the
big dogs too. Sniff is so hands on with training and play. Whenever Ozzy is with
Sniff, whether for daily pack walks or boarding, we know he's in good hands and
will be looked after with lots of love and care. Couldn't recommend Sniff more highly.

- Meghan (Ozzy's Mum)

We're Speechless.

These guys are true professionals, with a big heart. Key difference is they genuinely care about your dog. Our dog Courtney got
into our dog foodstorage and over ate a few months back. Jim & Benny helped take her to the vet on their own time during the
weekday with no charge, because they genuinely cared about her safety. Thankfully it turned out to be no problem, and she just
had to poop it all out over next few days.

On top of that emotional commitment to your dog, you get top notch professionalism. Daily text of when they pick / drop off,
daily text report of what they did, regular video uploads, no additional fees/mark up ever, even when they sometimes end up
taking our dog for a longer session.

Highly, highly recommended.

- Mike (Courtney's Dad)



Thoughtful Approach

We invest time and consideration into how we engage dogs and their owners. Dogs are individuals who have unique likes, dislikes, and needs. Whether you would like your dog to shed a few pounds, become socialized to an urban stressor, or come out of their shell, we listen and respond. We create solutions for you and are constantly reviewing and editing how we operate for continual improvement.


Walking, No Driving

We offer a true dog-walking service. We leverage the unproductive time in vehicles by walking dogs to the park. Walking burns off pent-up energy so that dogs are more attentive to commands and make for more considerate players. Dogs stay healthy and mobile even as they age and can be socialized to environmental stressors, such as skateboards. Plus they can relieve themselves when nature calls.

Upfront Investment

We invest time to learn about the temperament of every dog in our care. We ask clients the sorts of questions that help us to understand their dogs as they do. This allows us to establish and forge bonds more quickly, which helps us keep dogs safe.

Customized Excursions

We treat dogs as individuals. We ensure that dogs have an outlet for stimulation and healthy fun. Working as part of a cohesive team affords us the kind of bandwidth we need to focus on the individual needs of dogs without sacrificing their opportunity to socialize and learn. Whether a casual stroll, a park outing requiring moderate exercise, or a strenuous, athletic outing, different routines allow us to maximize your dog’s potential.

Thoughtful Communications

We share detailed summaries every time we take dogs to the park. They cover a wide range of subjects, such as how we are received, a dog’s comfort level, play styles, sociability, behavior, obedience, meals or medications (if applicable), and potty.

Stunning Videos

We record 4K video clips of our playgroups and post them to Instastories in near real-time every day. The videos are crisp and clear so clients can see the world through their dogs’ eyes, go where they go, and watch them interact and play.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Do our best to reduce our carbon pawprint. We walk which keeps our air clean; source ecologically sustainable products that are recycled, compostable, or renewable; and properly dispose of waste, leaving parks cleaner than when we arrive.

Certified Dog Trainer

We offer compassionate training solutions for our clients who wish to address their dog's behaviors. Our certified dog trainer, Sabrina, received her education from the Academy for Dog Trainers, under the tutelage of the world-renowned Jean Donaldson. Sabrina will motivate your dog by using rewards in order to achieve the desired behavior.

As part of any training engagement, we are there to ensure that any behavior modification is lasting. To this end, we not only develop an easy-to-follow training plan, but we are also there to hold your hand every step of the way by teaching you the necessary skills to maintain the new behavior. Every week, we share with you how your dog is progressing through the plan, review that week's training goals, demonstrate each training component, and coach you through the techniques that will help your dog succeed.

Giving Back

We believe in investing not only in our people but also in our community. We volunteer time and donate money to a variety of causes. We have raised over $56,000 as part of a fundraising drive on behalf of the Butte Humane Society to help animals affected by the Camp Fire. Further, as part of our Clean Air Pledge, we donate our net proceeds every day when the air quality in the Bay Area is unhealthy, as a contribution towards various wildfire disaster relief funds. We contribute to the Chinatown Community Development Center's Feed + Fuel fundraising campaign to address the food security crisis affecting Chinatown's SRO residents, as well as the Sierra Club for their efforts to protect wild places and endangered species, keep our air and water clean and ensure a clean energy future. We are also honored to be included in JCYC Career Day Fairs where we, joined by our dog Mooloo, are invited to talk with middle school students about the importance of a well-rounded education in realizing their future aspirations.

We believe in the spirit of community. In late 2018, we led a
fundraising drive on behalf of the Butte Humane Society to
help animals affected by the Camp Fire, raising over $56,000
in the process.

Giving Back



1.5 to 2.5 hrs
Group Excursions

$47 per outing

Puppy Head Start

30 Minutes $47
Boarding / Daycare *

$110 per Day

* For dogs enrolled in
group excursions or
puppy head start
programs only

Training *

* Inquire by completing
contact form below

    • We serve the following neighborhoods and dog parks. Can’t find your neighborhood? Sniff is on a relentless quest to show every dog in SF a great time!! Complete the contact form below. We might be able to accommodate your location.
        • Alamo Square / Castro / Cole Valley / Duboce Triangle / Haight-Ashbury / Hayes Valley / Parts of the Mission / Noe Valley / NOPA:
          Alamo Square Park, Bernal Heights Dog Park, Dolores Park, Duboce Park, Jefferson Square Park & Upper Douglass Dog Park.



We carefully cultivate our weekday playgroups. We operate on foot, which means we don't use vehicles to pick up dogs. Instead, we pick up dogs one after another and walk them to a park. Dogs get more exercise and are primed to play once we arrive at the park.

At the park, we engage and supervise all the dogs in off-leash games, such as play romping, chase, keep-away, and tug. We routinely work with dogs to reinforce and expand their repertoire of commands to keep them safe. For new dogs, we provide additional obedience training as a matter of course, until such time that they are fully reliable.


Head Start

While the tactical need is to get the puppy outside to relieve him- or herself, the strategic, long-term goal is to socialize the puppy with their soon-to-be friends, boost the puppy's confidence in its environment and with urban stressors so the puppy becomes happy-go-lucky outside, and build and expand the puppy's vocabulary and repertoire of commands so that by the time the puppy has full immunity, the puppy can play off-leash and in unfenced areas with their soon-to-be, fun-loving pals.

Daycare &


¡Mi casa es su casa! We treat dogs in our care as a part of our family. We offer a range of toys and freeze-dried, all-protein treats and trusted play companions. Whether during the weekday when we are in San Francisco or over the weekend when we take dogs up to Sonoma, dogs are free range. ​

Boarding includes participation in up to two playgroups each weekday, as well as hikes, trips to a dog-friendly beach, and swimming up on the Russian River on weekends & holidays. We send updates and share photos & videos, as a matter of course.


Our certified trainer, Sabrina, leads Sniff's training program. Sabrina received her education at the Academy for Dog Trainers. At the Academy, Sabrina underwent an extensive program focused on evidence-based dog behavior, training, and private behavior counseling. Sabrina uses rewards (such as food, toys & praise) to motivate dogs so that they perform the desired behaviors. Sabrina cares deeply for every person and dog she has the privilege of working with. ​

We offer training solutions for parents who wish to address a variety of dog's behaviors. Please complete the contact form below, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.



We would love to hear from you. You are welcome to leave us a message below if you would like to learn more about Sniff.

Jim & Benny
(202) 509-6897 or (917) 494-0111 | hello@sniffsf.com

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